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Long Span Racks Manufacturers

AS Steel is the recognized brand for manufacturing Long Span Racks. We are the leading brand who is utilizing the superior class raw material to manufacture the long span Racks. These racks are having long spans which help in the easy adjustments to settle down the material of larger heights and configurations. We manufacture these long span racks to help out while the change in your requirements occurs.

We manufacture these racks in a wide array of frames and beam sizes which make these racks customized to install in your exact demand. We manufacture Long Span Racks by enabling them to fix another small or medium size racks along with it if the need arises. It is made with bolt free lock system which ensures that the beams remain in the same position as it has been fixed while installing.


  • We manufacture them with a bolt free lock which improves the safety for operatives who are accessing the installation.
  • We manufacture these racks in long span which helps to store the large height material easily.
  • These racks are manufactured with the technological advancements
Long Span Racks Manufacturers

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